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French gastronomy
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At GOURMING, we are convinced that the treasures of French gastronomy deserve to be accessible to everyone and everywhere in the world. We want to contribute to the influence of the French gastronomy by allowing the professionals of the whole world to get the best products.

That’s why we created GOURMING, a marketplace of gourmet products
which aims to become the reference for foodlovers worldwide,
which they be a producer, restaurateur, chef or simply passionate about gastronomy.

“The pearls” of the

Every day,we go to meet producers to find the pearls of the French terroirs.

We promote their know-how and open the doors to new international markets by simplifying their export marketing.

We take care of the entire logistics chain in order to transport these products exceptional even in your kitchen as soon as possible: regulatory standards
local, customs, transport, deadlines…

Importing exceptional gourmet products has never been easier, since GOURMING takes care of everything.

Be aware our news and opportunities.