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DACHSER France Food Logistics / Food Ambient

With the best performing integrated network in the world, DACHSER, a provider of world-wide logistics and transport services, offers you the opportunity to optimize your logistics budget using its top quality services.

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DACHSER is a solid and independent family-owned company with an integrated and homogeneous network expertly managing information flows with attention to total transparency.

The DACHSER company throughout the world:
• 428 of its own facilities
• 26,500 workforce
• 2,450,000 square meters of floor space

Thanks to impeccable organization and exceptional infrastructure, DACHSER is able to meet your many logistical and transport requirements; to respond to your markets, to ensure the security and integrity of your products, to consistently monitor and documented the cold chain.

By giving you access to a single network, the 'European Food Network", DACHSER allows you to link more than 30 countries in Europe.

DACHSER owes its very high level of quality to processes characterized by a high degree of excellence. Food security is certified by the best international standards (IFS / ISO / BIO).

Relying on the most advanced technology and the latest innovations, the DACHSER workforce embodies the ambitions of a family business for a global reach that is among the most prominent and most experienced in the world.


The French affiliate of the Nagel Group, STG & Nagel Logistique specializes in temperature-controlled shipping and logistics, ensuring the delivery of fresh and frozen goods everywhere in Europe.

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Presentation :

The Nagel Group, the industry leader in Germany, possesses the largest temperature-controlled shipping and logistical network in Europe. A partner of the STG Group, the second-leading group of the French sector, the Nagel Group offers logistical solutions that are specially adapted to your own individual needs.

Backed by a web of 130 agencies throughout Europe, STG & Nagel Logistique offers manufacturers, wholesalers, and food distributors the performance, security, and simplicity of a fully-integrated network. Our attentive teams are able to provide clear-cut solutions for all your needs, from the simplest to the most complex, with bulk, partial, or full loads.

STG and the Nagel Group:
• 130 sites
• 14 000 employees
• 7 600 rounds per day
• 10,700,000 ft² of storage capacity

Thanks to its network, STG & Nagel Logistique assures you are never too far from the production, industrial processing, and distribution sites, and guarantees the lowest possible prices.

By choosing STG & Nagel Logistique, you gain access to an integrated network :
• uniform quality standard (IFS Logistics certification and ISO 9001)
• shipment tracking (shared information system)
• on-time deliveries (European transportation plan)

An expert in logistical engineering and your supply chain partner, STG & Nagel offers custom solutions, from the simple storing of stock to the complete outsourcing of your supply chain.


Confide your deliveries to the leader in the shipment and logistics of temperature-sensitive products !

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Presentation :

As part of its “STEF Europe” service, STEF ships Gourming brand temperature-sensitive products to fourteen different countries: Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Wales, Portugal, and Sweden, and in the best possible conditions (delivery times, safety)

The STEF network in Europe

Countries delivered by STEF for Gourming

Our strong points :

- Expertise in the areas of retail store delivery and restaurant delivery
- Daily departures to major economic centers, with 1-3 day delivery times
- Delivery of goods of all temperatures: fresh, frozen, food-grade
- Freedom to choose the size of your shipments (from packages to pallets), including all volumes, bulk loads, an entire truck, etc.

Contact :

3 rue des glacières
Tél :

STEF also offers import possibilities and shipping solutions in France, as well as the storage and management of fresh and frozen food products ( (

STEF in Europe :16,000 employees, 2,000 refrigerated trailers, and 220 platforms at your service.