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Created in 1976 by Jean Puigrenier, this family business based in Montluçon, signs its meats by relying on direct relations with the breeders. Attached to their region and to French know-how in beef processing, Label rouge for over 20 years and involved in organic farming for 5 years, here are some of the jewels in their range.

Charolaise: Shoulder rack

Vacuum packed, matured 5 to 6 weeks, French Beef

Charolaise: Strip steak

Vacuum packed, matured 5 to 6 weeks, French Beef

Coeur de rumsteak semi-paré race limousine

The heart of rump steak of perfect quality has a bright red, dense and tight grain when cut and a pale yellow fat cover abundant enough to attest to the animal's good nutrition. It is the muscle most in demand for its taste and tenderness.

Paleron de boeuf race aubrac

Araignée semi-parée de boeuf race charolaise


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